Photos by John Mactavish, Zachary Burrows, Caleb Rebeck & Cody Hammer. Words by John Mactavish

Every year as summer comes to an end and wetsuit weather starts to return, The Baja Restaurant hosts the Baja Surf Classic. This annual contest allows all the locals in Sandbridge to come together as a community and express their love for the ocean and their little slice of heaven they call “The Bridge”. Even though there was a solid swell, strong winds killed any chances for a clean barrel and perfect line. Choppy waves, heavy northeast winds, and currents challenged contestants to dominate the waves. Even though conditions weren’t the best, it didn’t stop the contestants from surfing their hearts out and having a great time. Thanks for another amazing experience down at the Baja Surf Classic.

Kai Barton. Photo: Mactavish
Photo: Mactavish.
Ted Eberhart. Photo: Burrows.
Brad Harrell.  Photo: Mactavish.`
Ian Seymour. Photo: Mactavish
Photo: Rebeck.
Keaton Kirkland. Photo: Mactavish.
Photo: Rebeck.
Photo: Rebeck.
Kai Barton. Photo: Hammer.
Ted Eberhart. Photo: Hammer
Kai Barton. Photo: Mactavish
Noah Barnas. Photo: Rebeck.
Justin Acosta. Photo: Mactavish

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