Welcome to Surf & Adventure’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Looking for that next gift idea? We’ve decided to hand pick some of the most useful products we carry, and tell you a bit about them to simplify your Holiday shopping. From products to use in the water, to ones focused on those post-surf session needs, we’ve got you covered. Use Code Holiday17 for 25% off our website today!

Surf Ears 2.0: Why Surf Ears?

Let sound in. Keep water out. Surfer’s ear is a real issue (learn about it here). It not only can cause hearing problems and serious ear infections, but it can completely affect your surfing and balance. The team that developed Surf Ears believes that regular earplugs don’t work well for surfing, so they set out to create the ultimate alternative, and yes, they work as well as advertised, helping your favorite waterman(or woman) to avoid this painful condition. Come experience what you’ve been missing, checkout Surfears 2.0.


Catch Surf Soft Tops: Why softies?

One of the best gifts that can arrive for the holidays is a surfboard. As a kid, I remember finding my first board under the tree on Christmas morning, which felt like one of Santa’s miracles. However, a traditional surfboard is sometimes cost prohibitive, and can be challenging to navigate the infinite number of shapes, sizes, and dimensions of hard tops, which is also affected by the skill level of the surfer. Not only do soft top surfboards make the decision process easier, they are for everyone, are forgiving, won’t buckle as easily or snap on a gnarly wipe out, and most importantly, won’t break the bank. Come see our line of softies!


Carver Skateboards: Why Carver?

Unlike traditional skateboards, Carver designed their own trucks, allowing them to pump and carve around the concrete ocean. So when there is no swell, you can keep the stoke alive. These boards are not only perfect for long lines around your favorite skatepark, but also neighborhood bombing, or even commuting across campus to class. They’re an absolutely killer gift for young and old surf enthusiasts alike. Checkout our in stock line of Carvers.


Hydro Flasks: Why a metal water bottle?

Not only are these bottles nearly indestructible (trust me, we know), they are also really nice to have around in the heat of summer, or even the dead of winter. Just imagine filling one up with water and ice in the morning, leaving it in a hot car all day, and then opening it later to find that the ice hasn’t melted. The same works for hot beverages, keeping coffee and tea steaming hot throughout the day. Yep, that’s a Hydro Flask. These are an absolute must have for anyone on the go!


Ultimate Camping Adventure Wine Glass: What?

Having a steel wine “glass” is essential for a great camping trip, or even a bonfire! Easily packable without the worry of breaking, you can┬ákick back at your campsite, and not worry about being the one to commit the ultimate party foul! We have beautifully designed Surf and Adventure logo’d wine “glasses” in stock…perfect for the adventuring vino lover in every family.


Wetsuit Dry Bags: Yeah!!!

Honestly, this is one of the most essential accessories a surfer must have. At. All. Times. Having a wetsuit dry bag allows you to have a surf session, whether in winter or summer, without the mess and smell of wetsuits and trunks on your drive home. We’ve all had that first date when the only thing our honey could smell in the car was the lingering odor of a gnarly wetsuit. Not any longer with a wetsuit dry bag! Let the romance continue…


The Surf & Adventure “El Camino”

The El Camino is one of the most versatile boards we carry over here at Surf & Adventure. It’s considered our high performance longboard/shortboard. Yeah, we said that. It has the nose of a mini Simmons, and the tight diamond tail of a shortboard, which allows you to dial in your turns, and get it rail to rail as easily as saying “Happy Holidays.” These boards are shaped in Virginia Beach, and designed specifically for the surf we get in Virginia Beach. Ride it traction-less, or throw on some of our favorite Octopusisreal corduroy traction to keep your feet planted and tickle those little piggies. Stop in today to demo an El Camino!

Thank you for checking out our gift guide! Remember to use Holiday17 at checkout to get 25% off your online order or checkout our shop exclusive deals below!

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