Video edit and words by John Streit. Photos by Shaun Devine. Filming by S&A Crew.

As the beach replenishment dredges pumped sand to widen the strand at Little Island Park this spring, we were cautiously interested of the results when it came to sandbar formation. After all, a nice, wide fan-shaped sandbar is what creates the rolling waves that makes Little Island such a great place to learn how to surf.

All doubts were put to rest during weeks one and two of our 2013 Billabong Camps, as illustrated by the above video and the photos below. The replenishment project couldn’t have produced a more ideal sandbar for our campers, who took full advantage of the set-up!

It’s going to be an awesome summer! Enjoy these highlights from our season’s opening camp sessions. To sign up for the remaining 2013 Billabong Camps click on this link!








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