Photos by Ricky Miller & John Streit. Words by Streit. 

Geography and its under-sea cousin bathymetry are everything when it comes to wave quality. One would think that since we had a long-duration Nor’easter blow for the better part of three weeks combined with the affects of a once-Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin, we’d experience days of lasting background swell once the systems exit. Unfortunately, due to our position on the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it takes less than 24 hours for weeks of raw, well-overhead swell to become a ghost of what it once was. As the Nor’easter-Joaquin combo accelerated to the northeast, its energy shifted to point toward Europe, leaving Virginia Beach in its shadow. That doesn’t mean that some pristine moments weren’t to be found along our home stretch of coast during the morning of Wednesday, October 7. You had to be up early and at the right spot — the long-term swell shifted sands around significantly to change the bathymetry of the pre-storm sandbars — to score it fun. The following gallery documents some of the finer moments from one of those morning session in Sandbridge. A big “thank you” is due to our local Catch Surf rep Ricky Miller for lining up some awesome water shots for the better part of the session!

Green & dreamy in Sandbridge. Photo: Streit.
When Granger Clark wasn't exploding lips, he was flying over them. Photo: Miller.
Conner Barnes lines up a backyard beauty. Photo: Streit.
Though the swell from the Nor'easter-Joaquin combo lost much of its size overnight, it lost none of its punch. Photo: Miller.
Elliot McCallister slides into one of the many barrels he lined up Wednesday morning. Photo: Miller.
An unidentified ripper cuts it back. Photo: Streit.
A reminder of the ocean's raw power washed up on the beach in Sandbridge. Photo: Streit.
Granger Clark tears the lid of an inside section. 1 of 5. Photo: Miller.
Granger Clark, 2 of 5. Photo: Miller.
Granger Clark, 3 of 5. Photo: Miller.
Granger Clark, 4 of 5. Photo: Miller.
Granger Clark, 5 of 5. Photo: Miller.
A room with a view. Photo: Miller.
The Croatan Cove really shows itself on crisp, clear mornings like this, even though the beach bends less than a degree to the east-northeast. Photo: Streit.
Valaric Surfboards founder, shaper and builder Jordan Brazie switched over to his first-ever custom board that he recently ordered from the legend Bill Frierson and drew some magic lines. Photo: Miller.
More morning magic. Photo: Streit.
John Streit in the back light. Photo: Miller.
Jordan Brazie feeling it on his 7'2 Frierson single fin. Photo: Miller.
Elliot McCallister trims into another hollow righthander. Photo: Streit.
Straight up with Granger Clark. Photo: Miller.
Ricky Miller, our Catch Surf rep, swam with his GoPro for the better part of this session to come up with these incredible water shots. That didn't stop him from taking a couple rips on his shortboard beforehand. Photo: Streit.
Conner Barnes lives just a stone's throw away from one of the better sandbars. You'd be smiling too! Photo: Miller.
Backlit bender. Photo: Streit.
Granger signs off with another forehand blast. Photo: Miller.

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