Photos by Stephen Quick, Ethan Smith & Trevor Knowles. Words by John Streit.

In our last installment of the Cleanup Scenes series covering the days following the departure of the Nor’easter/Hurricane Joaquin combo event, I mentioned the importance of local geography and bathymetry with regard to quality of surf. With that in mind, I present this set of images that captured the pristine scenes that unfolded on Friday, October 9 across the Outer Banks. Well away from the shallows of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay – much closer to the edge of the continental shelf – and with direct swell exposure to the departing storm systems, that combination meant the final pulses of Nor’Quin had plenty of energy. As swell exposure increasing and distance to the shelf decreasing as you travel south, there were still sets in the overhead range peeling across Hatteras’ legendary sandbars. Meanwhile, back in Virginia Beach, a waist-high set was the max at the best sandbars. So the lure and mystique of the swell-drawing power of the Outer Banks continues…

Early morning Rodanthe glass. Photo: Knowles.
Mid-Atlantic Hurley/Sanuk/Dragon rep Brian Harrison sets up a Hatteras beauty. Photo: Quick.
An unidentified surfer on a pretty green KDH runner. Photo: Smith.
Virginia Beach's Matt Aycud slashes through the perfect golden hour conditions. Photo: Smith.
Friday was one of those dream days along the Outer Banks. Photo: Smith.
Brian Harrison. Photo: Quick.
A slabby bomb detonates somewhere down south. Photo: Knowles.
Brian Harrison's right hand man Trevor Knowles bashes an inside section. Photo: Quick.
Matt Aycud. Photo: Smith.
Trevor Knowles. Photo: Quick.
KDH A-frame. Photo: Smith.
An unidentified surfer stalls for some tube time in Kill Devil Hills. Photo: Smith.
Not sure of the full ID on this Buxton barrel rider, but we do know that his first name is Matt. Watch Matt drive through a deep one: 1 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
2 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
3 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
4 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
5 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
6 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
7 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
8 of 9. Photo: Knowles.
9 of 9. Photo: Knowles.

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