Photo: Cody Hammer

Photography: Cody Hammer

This past week a few of our local community surfers got a chance to catch an afternoon session that seemed non-existent in the vast flatness of Sandbridge Beach. After checking a few different breaks along Sandbridge these guys stumbled upon what seemed like a treat for a late spring afternoon. Thats how it is when you live in Sandbridge, we take what we can get, and on whatever we can catch it on! Most of these guys are on it when the swell rolls through, heavily monitoring the reports for the coast of the Outer Banks. And when these guys aren’t grinding it out at Surf and Adventure or at Catch Surf, they try to get waves any chance they can. Sandbridge is at times undermined as a heavily surfed beach but when the right swell direction hits, and the winds go offshore, there is without a doubt a sandbar within reach. Just ask these dudes, checkout the images captured by Cody and keep your eye on the waves….. they’ll be here soon.

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