Words, photos and video by John Streit

The dawn broke cold, gray and windy on Sunday, Oct. 30. The season’s first blast of winter air wasn’t kind to the crowd that arrived for the first Eastern Surfing Association contest in Sandbridge in more than two decades, but the Atlantic cooperated just fine for the ESA Virginia District’s final contest of the year.

The blustery, side-onshore conditions were a world away from the summertime doldrums that doomed the contest’s scheduled running in September, but the crew of surfers and volunteers that showed up were more than game to take on the day.


Contestable surf pumped through the sandbar at “The Market” throughout the day, and Virginia Beach’s best surfers put their skills on display for the hardy souls that took to the beach. Like all ESA events; a super-positive, family atmosphere accompanied the action!

As a sponsor of the ESA Virginia District, Surf & Adventure was stoked to be a part of the event both in and out of the water. Shop crewman Briar Nelson helped the crew assemble the contest area, team rider John Streit both competed in open shortboard and judged throughout the day while team riders Laney Brooks and Brody Lewis tore it up in their divisions!


From what we heard, everyone was pumped on “The Market” as a venue for a surfing contest with its ample parking, bathhouse and – of course – the Sandbridge Market just a short walk away for refreshments.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for the ESA to return next contest season! Enjoy the video!

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