Words by John Streit. Photos by Ethan Micele & Lisa Milspaugh.

We’ve been beyond stoked to witness the development of Evan Micele’s surfing — both in competition and freesurfing — in the two years he’s been on the Surf & Adventure Co. team. Straight away, it was apparent that he had “it:” That knack for reading and riding waves that seems to come to him so effortlessly.

Now at the ripe-old-age of 16, Evan has officially joined the ranks of professional surfing. During this year’s East Coast Surfing Championships — one of our coast’s biggest competitive stages — Evan made a magical run in the pro longboard division, going up against top pros like Justin Quintal on his was to a semifinal appearance! Believe it or not, we weren’t the least bit surprised to learn of this momentous accomplishment in his young career. After seeing the progression he returned to Virginia Beach with after two summer trips to California, it was obvious that his talent had taken him to the next level.

Now, the larger surf industry is beginning to take notice. We’re proud to announce that Evan is now riding for SUPERbrand on an amateur flow sponsorship. The confidence boost of being backed by such a fresh and exciting brand promises to further catapult Evan as he chases his dreams. Thanks to him and his awesome family for all of the support they offer us through great photography of his talents (younger brother Ethan has been killing it behind the lens!) and seeing that he makes it to his competitions all across the country. Oh, and be sure to pick up the latest copy of Local Sessions magazine to see Evan ripping Hurricane Bertha’s swell as shot by Ethan. This is only the beginning!

Evan Micele with noseriding from another era and style well beyond his years. Photo: Micele.
The tiny conditions during the opening days of ECSC were no problem for the longboarders. Photo: Micele.
Evan sets up an inside section for a big score. Photo: Micele.
Graceful footwork. Photo: Micele.
Evan's got some major talent on the shortboard as well, which will come in handy with his new SUPERbrand sponsorship. Photo: Micele.
Evan's a rare talent that excels with the jersey on as well as he does during freesurfs. Here, his style shines at First Street Jetty after the circus left town. Photo: Milspaugh.
Trim and glide. Photo: Milspaugh.
The next two photos demonstrate Evan's knack for noseriding. 1 of 2. Photo: Milspaugh.
Evan Micele, 2 of 2. Photo: Milspaugh
Feeling it. Photo: Milspaugh.
Hanging heels is arguable one of the toughest maneuvers to pull off in longboarding. Photo: Milspaugh.
Ten over with style for miles. Photo: Milspaugh.

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