Words by John Streit / Photos by Shaun Devine

You could call them “leftovers,” but in reality, these golden-hour shots are when the conditions for this past swell culminated to be the most fun of the two-day event. As is often the case with long-period (13+ seconds) swell along this stretch of coast, Sunday was maxed out. This made patience and acting on years of observation essential to finding the best conditions, and we found it late in the day with the incoming tide and easing swell. Part of the fun of chasing a day like this is anticipating when and where to be, and it’s safe to say that we were rewarded.

The regular footer with the white board is Justin Rienerth in the Chili Rarest Bird! The goofyfooter on the red board is VB’s Josh Carolino, and the rest are me on the 5’11 catch surf round nose fish!! Enjoy!

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