Our SUPERbrand rep Jesse Hines displays what the “Fling” model is capable of in small, summer-like surf. Photo: Streit.

Words & Photos by John Streit.

It seems as if every day, a new run of 2014 surfboard models come through the double doors of Surf & Adventure Co. We’re extremely excited about the lineup of surfboards we’ve brought in to make Summer 2014 the best yet! The philosophy behind this year’s collection is simple: catch waves — lots of them — even when it’s one-foot and not exactly macking; which, let’s face it, happens all to often in Virginia Beach and Sandbridge. Maximizing the fun-factor in small surf is what summer is all about, and when that first hurricane sends its sacred pulses of groundswell to our shores in the coming months, you’ll be sure to be on your game for the real juice. It’s all about reading, catching and effectively riding the small stuff to build crucial muscle memory and wave-reading skills. The key can be found in one word: volume.

SUPERbrand “Fling”


The above picture of SUPERbrand rep Jesse Hines killing it on a one-foot peeler shows you just what’s possible on this progressive design. A hybrid between a retro-style fish and mini-Simmons planing hull, the Fling uses the voluminous outlines of those two shapes but blends it with the latest rail and concace designs. The result is a surprisingly tuned-in board that somehow sneaks high volume numbers in a very short package (32.9 liters at 5’6). Like the slingshot logo represents, it’ll make you fly!

SUPERbrand “Quadrofinia”


The Quadrofinia is a design that is zero degrees removed from S&A. Designed by Outer Banks master craftsman Lynn Shell, one of our private label shapers; this rounded-nose, swallowtail fish is made to perform in a wide-range of conditions, including small summer surf but waves with more power as well. This is a pure quad and made to generate an exceptional amount of down-the-line speed.

Catch Surf “Beater” 54″ Twin Fin


The latest addition to S&A came to us by popular demand. After getting so bummed out about turning away customers seeking the summertime fun that only the Beater can provide, we teamed up with Catch Surf to bring this classic bodyboard/skimboard/surfboard softop hybrid to Sandbridge! Perfect for charging shorebreak that would otherwise snap fiberglass, the Beater can take an otherwise “flat” day and turn it into an epic shred session. The pro model graphics are off the chain! Stoked!

CB style

S&A’s Conner Barnes rides for the Catch Surf team, and knows how to party on the Beater finless. Photo: Elliot McCallister.

Walden Surfboards “Enigma”


Our demo 5’10 Enigma set as a quad with Shapers Fins DVS Quad-Keels. The four-plus-one design also goes great as a single fin.

Is it an egg? Is it a fish? Neither, because this is a true “Enigma!” One of the most creatively-designed hybrids out there, this small-wave machine utilizes a step-deck and ample width to pack in the volume. A wave-catching beast, Walden’s patented “Magic” concave and the boards’ full-volume provides superior trim-and-glide styling, while the sharply-winged round tail allows it to be driven hard off the back foot.


S&A’s John Streit making the most out of a small one on the Walden Enigma set up as a single-fin. Photo: Colin Breland.

Faceplant Boardriders cruiser skates


Creative, functional cruiser skates from just up the road in Pennsylvania!

We were pumped to meet Rob from Faceplant Boardriders but got even more stoked when the boards arrived recently. If you’re looking to do some sidewalk surfing this summer, give these East Coast-built boards a go. Faceplant separates itself from the cruiser pack by offering high-gloss, scratch resistant finishes, radical artwork and creative shapes. Support made-in-the-USA and show your East Coast pride!

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