The Surf and Adventure Scalawag on an less than desirable day in Sandbridge
The Surf and Adventure Scalawag on an less than desirable day in Sandbridge
The Surf and Adventure Scalawag on an less than desirable day in Sandbridge
A batch of fresh Surf and Adventure Scalawags

You need a Scalawag in your life.

I could write all day about how necessary a board like this too the surf-obsessed masses that frequent Sandbridge and Virginia Beach but we’ve already done that here and here.  I’ve known from the start that this model would be popular.  When we let people ride our demo, they don’t bring it back with expressions of ‘meh’ and ‘well, I don’t know’.  They return the board to us as converts and often much later than its due date.

When Rob first came to me with the his idea for naming this model, I was a bit skeptical as I usually am. I did my research and came to see the light. The term scalawag is not an endearing one.  These were people that were reviled yet independent in the recently defeated South following the Civil War.  They believed the quickest way to normalcy was unity and created a broad political coalition in the wake of so much destruction.  If we could only get Congress on a safari with our Scalawag under their bellies, we could make Surfing great again.

Unlike the clunky, unstable feeling that most mini-simmons offshoots offer on the steep faces of a good day in Sandbridge, the Scalawag captures the speed and ability to ride shorter board(down to 5’) with the agility to turn entirely on the rail in the most critical sections of the wave.  Chimed rails and the carefully thought out placement of volume in this board has produced a lively and truly special board that can make speed in small surf and inspire confidence in the barrel.  The beveled rails give way to a hard edge through the tail to grab hold of the face when in steep sections.  The bottom contour starts as a single concave that gives way to a double finally blending into a spiral vee through the tail. We’ve found that the Scalawag pairs best with the DVS quad-keel fins. 

What sort of wave is it for?

The scalawag is specifically designed for waist to head high wave.

Who should ride this board?

The Scalawag can be your first shortboard, your advanced surfer’s speed-machine or your high-volume cruise ship.

What’s the inspiration?

Mini Simmons models that have inspired us with their speed and disappointed us with their turning inability.

Jake knows what he’s doing.  If you’re unsure about whether to be your hard-earned money on a relative new-comer to our local board building scene, come try one of our demos and read our previous articles to learn more.  That’s what they’re here for.  We want you on a board that makes you glow.  It’s what drives us.

All photos are by Erika Mills {@erikamillsphoto}, Boards by Jake Sacks {@notionsurfboards}

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