By John Streit. Imagery courtesy of SUPERbrand.

A contemporary take on a classic design from the 70s — the keel fish — the SUPERbrand Fling is the ultimate magic carpet for the gutless conditions we see here in Virginia all too often. With extremely ample width comes all-important planing surface, which increases forward guide and paddling power. Though the Fling is much shorter than its vintage predecessor — and designed to be ridden as a quad as opposed to a twin — the width and thickness pack in volume numbers that seem impossible at first glance. Trust me, it’s in there. For example, a very common volume is around 30 liters, which you can get at 5’4 in the Fling.

Apparently, SUPERbrand is not a fan of retro shapes, because they proclaim the Fling “has all of the grooviness of the throwbacks with none of the weird oldness.” Rather, “it’s young, rad and classy all at the same time.” That’s an interesting way to look at it, but no matter how you dissect the features of this uber-groveler, you come to the same conculsions: Volume is your friend and with the superior design elements implemented by SUPERbrand, performance is not sacrificed. The concave is single-to-double-to-vee, promoting acceleration and drive off the back foot; and as mentioned in other SUPERbrand board previews, the rails are next level. These guys stay ahead of the game when it comes to the minute details!


Jesse Hines flying on the Fling in tiny conditions. Photo: Streit.


Case in point: The Mid-Atlantic stop of the 2014 Oakley Surf Shop Challenge. While most everyone else was bogged down — even on their small-wave sticks — Jesse Hines was whipping around the sub-knee-high conditions with crisp precision. Of course, his professional abilities made most of that happen, but guess what board he went to? The SUPERbrand Fling, of course! Jesse’s also our region’s SUPERbrand sales rep, so being able to learn about functional, fun shapes like the Fling from a such a trusted source really means a lot.

If you’re looking to make this summer the most fun yet, have your summer fling be the SUPERbrand Fling!


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