By John Streit. Imagery courtesy of SUPERbrand, Todd Levy, Michael Bricke & Shaun Devine.

Of all the SUPERbrand models we’ll be carrying in 2015, this is the one of which I have the most functional knowledge — because I ride one! The “Unit” is indeed what SUPERbrand describes it as: “a small wave assault weapon.” I’m here to tell you; it’s much more than just that!

You see, not all of us are born with the classic professional surfer’s physique — sub-5’10 and less than 170 pounds. I laughed to myself as I typed that last sentence, because I am the furthest thing from that stature at 6’2, 215. For me, the regular surfboard slinging lingo like “ride 4 inches shorter than your standard shortboard” means nothing because there is no standard shortboard for the big boys — unless you want to ride a 6’8 toothpick in the tight pockets we see regularly around these parts, which wouldn’t work out too well. Enter the Unit, which has become my “standard shortboard” at 6’0 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4. These dimensions translate to 36.4 liters of volume, and knowing your personal volume number is critical to your wave-riding success. My magic number is 36, and this board packs in high volume within its high performance outline. At 6’0, it fits comfortably into the knee-to-head-high conditions in which this board excels. I have ridden it in larger surfer as well, and felt very comfortable with both the ride and paddling power offered by this versatile shape. Armed with a rounded squash tail, a single-to-double concave, pinched rails (SUPER has the best rails in the game, hands down) and a continuous, low rocker; and shortcomings you’d think would accompany a board of this volume are obliterated. Quite simply, this is THE shred stick if you’re a heavier surfer looking to push your performance up a notch.

John Streit on the SUPERbrand Unit in Sandbridge. Photo: Devine.
John with a little Avalon tube time on the Unit. Photo: Levy.
The Unit doing what the Unit does best. Photo: Brickle.

But enough about the big-boy talk — the Unit also offers the lighter guys an incredible small-wave option that doesn’t sacrifice your bag of tricks. For all the same reasons that it rocks for the big guys — high volume, low rocker, wide outline — so it does for dudes of medium to small frame. Calling the Unit a “groveler” seems a tad disrespectful to the performance capabilities this board possesses. Imagine that mushy, waist-high summertime windswell day that just won’t get your go-to shortboard going. This would be the solution to that problem and then some.



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