By John Streit. Imagery courtesy of SUPERbrand & Jennifer Phan.

The SUPERbrand Vapors model is one of the surfboard manufacturer’s most popular small-wave designs, blending a high-performance outline with plenty of width and thickness along with a flatter rocker than a traditional shortboard to generate more down-the-line speed even in minimal conditions. And since minimal conditions are often on tap on rideable days in Virginia Beach and Sandbridge, we’ve targeted this model to serve the widest range of surfers looking to maximize their small-wave fun!

True to any groveler-type board, the Vapors placks plenty of volume into a small package; again in-line with the shorter-fatter-wide board design trend of the past decade. While this shapes pumps up the volume for paddling ease and glide in small surf, you can expect to perform to your highest levels due to the high-performance design elements this board offers. The outline is full toward the nose and remains full throughout most of the body. A slight hip dives the outline into a more narrow tail than the width numbers suggest, but stays plenty wide to keep the board fast and lively through flat sections. The tail is a diamond shape, which paired with the single-to-double concave out the tail makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions even in the weakest surf.


S&A team rider Tyler Balak putting the Vapors to work this winter. Photo: Phan.

The Vapors also comes standard with a five-plug option, allowing the board to be ridden as a quad to generate even more speed or as a thruster if the waves are more solid. Like many of the boards in the SUPERbrand lineup, the Vapors is extremely versatile and performs in conditions ranging from knee- to head-high. While it’s groveler roots make this board fall short of being a “one-board quiver” type of stick, the Mid-Atlantic surfer can be confident throwing the Vapors into the whip for nearly any given day of surf outside of double-overhead Hatteras.

“The Vapors is super fast and responsive and seems to carry speed really well through softer sections and has a lot of flick when you want it to,” said S&A team rider Tyler Balak. “It’s definitely my favorite board and my go-to choice until the waves are overhead.”

As far as its spot in the SUPERbrand lineup we’ll be bringing into Surf & Adventure Co., the Vapors bridges the gap between the Toy and the Unit in volume terms. Fans of fishes and rocket-type hybrids will certainly take a liking to this flagship model coming from SUPER. As is the case with all SUPERbrand boards offered by S&A, these sticks are made in the U.S.A, which we’re pretty stoked about! Keep your eyes peeled for the Vapors coming to our racks soon!

SUPERbrand "Vapors"
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Side profile.
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Vapors dimensions & volumes.


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