On Saturday, June 10th we will be teaming up with Catch Surf for our first Whomp Whomp Cancer event! This will hold the radicalness of the Catch Surf Wheel of Shred, but optimized to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma society! We will also have coffee provided by Three Ships, renown Sandbridge Market donuts, and vendors to keep the vibe alive! So be ready, get your party wave pants on, as this contest will be judged for the surfer having the most fun! There will also be some super sick prizes!

The divisions will be broken down into 3 different events. First we have the WSBL division. This will be the traditional wheel of shred contest, with your opportunity to spin for the renown Catch Surf beater, Skipper Fish, Odysea Log, and the list goes on! The second division will be the SUPER GROM Beater, where contestants of ages 12 and under will compete head to head with Beater Boards only! The final division will be the High School Team Event, aka the school shred off!This will consist of 6 man teams and will be free if you are already signed up for the open division and/or grom! So come get stoked and rep your school!

The contest day will consist of an 8 am day-of beach registration, at 9 am the surfing will begin, and at 5pm we will party on with the conclusion of the contest! We will also have some media coverage from the team here at Surf and Adventure and aerial footage captured by High Tide Imaging. So don’t miss out and come sign up at Surf and Adventure! Again, don’t forget there will be some epic prizes!

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