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I think we ran the first Will Surf for Food contest in 2012. it was early March, freezing cold, and blustery. I remember some of the groms digging deep holes in the sand to hide from the wind. The surf was ok, but not great.  And yet,  somehow people had an awesome time and they thanked us for running the contest. That’s when we knew we had a keeper. There was unity. A community brought together to feed those in need. Surf shops putting aside economics and competition to work together. That’s special.

The Foodbank is empty this time of year. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, folks give generously and that’s great, but just a few months after Christmas the Foodbank’s shelves are bare. It would seem that those in need have been forgotten. What a great opportunity we have as a community to make a difference.
Lets Feed the Hungry!
  • 7:30am April 8th at the 1st Street Jetty
  • Entry Fee for the first division entered is $20.00 and every additional division is $10.00.  Grom can be counted as additional division if any family member surfs in another division.
  • Divisions are Open Sbortboard, Open Longboard, and Grom (13 & under)
  • Beach entry only. Heats will be filled in order of arrival.  If you don’t want to surf against you friend, put 5 people between you as you sign up.  Arrive on time!
  • Contact: Chris Huggins email: christiansurfvb@gmail.com Text: 757-739-2300
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christiansurfers.virginiabeach/

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