Words by John Streit. Photos by Shaun Devine.

As with all activities related to the ocean, weather conditions — local and far out to sea — can make-or-break an enjoyable time on the water.

This principal holds especially true when 26 kids are looking to learn the sport of surfing; most of them for the first time.

During the week leading up to our first Billabong Camp, Mother Nature threw heavy northeast winds and solid 3-to-6 foot swell our way. While the experienced surfer can navigate these treacherous conditions to pick out some fun waves, it leaves the novice watching from the beach.

But as if it was meant to be, the winds subsided, temperatures warmed up and the Atlantic produced perfect 1-to-3 foot waves perfect for our campers to learn the ropes of surfing at Little Island Park from June 20 through June 22.


With things lining up just right for our first three-day camp session, anticipation levels reached a fever pitch at the shop. Billabong Camps are always our signal that the hustle of summertime is upon us at Surf & Adventure Co.; and while preparing for and running the camps are massive undertakings for our crew, we can definitely say that it’s a real labor of love.


It’s a special feeling when you can share your love for the ocean and for surfing with the campers, who always bring so much energy, happiness and pure stoke. When all of the effort and energy — from the crew and the campers alike — translates into that first wave, it’s an experience that’s impossible to forget.


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