Last summer, we got the call from Sandbridge’s Brad Harrell.  Within minutes, we were on his Carolina Skiff and motoring across North Bay to find the perfect spot to learn.   Along the way, Brad was prepping us on what to expect.   Brad’s instructions were great at least for Eric.  Eric hops overboard and with just a few tries is flying inches across above the water.

I was up next and found that Eric and Brad make everything look easy.   I felt like the main character from “Saving Sarah Marshall.”  “Just pop up, too much, don’t pop, do nothing, no you have do something.”  Luckily there isn’t any photo evidence of how much bay water I drank falling.   And more importantly, there was no video evidence of me trying to climb back in the boat (my arms were cooked from holding the ski rope).  It was a super fun time and I now know I need to hit the gym to get some upper body strength… Oof.

Here is quick video of Brad free from the rope and pumping around the skiff.




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