S&A team rider Shaun Devine spent the better part of this day in the shade. Top frame: Nelson. Bottom frame: Reinerth

Photos by Briar Nelson, Justin Reinerth & Mickey McCarthy. Words by John Streit.

From the beginning of 2013, it’s been a unique — almost strange — year in the way of surf in the Mid-Atlantic.

Winter didn’t just feature the usual solid surf; but several days of all-time, epic conditions. It also decided to keep it’s ice-cold grip on our coast well into April and the early part of May.

Our water temperatures never seemed to hit that usual summertime balminess. Even summer’s flat spells seem to drag on for much longer than usual.

It was only until today — more than three months into the season — that the Atlantic produced its first hurricane. Humberto’s formation was just three hours shy of being the latest-forming hurricane on record in the satellite era.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been treated to some fun days of surf as of late. As the fall winds begin to blow in the North Atlantic, and the tropical tradewinds continue to do the same with their aim on our stretch of coast; we’ve seen the action pick up considerably to break the summer slump.

Our most recent hit of southeast tradewind swell graced the Outer Banks with peaky A-frames, barrels and ripable faces — almost like a small preview of whats to come, whether it be born from Hurricane Humberto (cross your fingers) or not. Regardless, the classic, fun-sized swell kept those who chased it in the water all day on Sunday, Sept. 8.


Shaun Devine. Photo: Nelson.


Justin Reinerth. Photo: Nelson


You bet Shaun was stoked to get this shot from Outer Banks master lensman Mickey McCarthy on one of the day’s bombs.


Shaun Devine. Photo: Nelson


Shaun Devine. Photo: Nelson.

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