Words and video by John Streit.

Virginia Beach is the largest city in our commonwealth, both in population and in square miles.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that communities like Sandbridge, Pungo and Blackwater – each of which rural or coastal – are contained within our city’s limits. But the massive boundary, which closes in 497 square miles of southeastern Virginia, allows for diverse landscapes.

Taking these contrasts even further is the stretch of barrier spit that extends south past Sandbridge and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. During a trip to this very isolated strand, it’s especially easy to forget that this place is in Virginia Beach.

This place is False Cape State Park. Only inhabited by a small crew of rangers, the park extends about six miles from its northern boundary to the North Carolina state line.

It’s an untamed, wind-blown and deserted stretch of beach, marsh and maritime forest that offers unlimited opportunity for adventure.

And with adventure literally being a part of our name, we decided to make the most of this incredible natural area by combining several of our passions into one package.

So on May 12, we will embark on our first False Cape Bike & Surf Trip.

Like last year’s trip, we will bring a crew of surfers and standup paddleboarders to the remote beach for an afternoon of the uncrowded, quality surf for which False Cape is known. We’ll also include motor transportation of the surfer’s boards to the beach site.

But this time around, we’re excited to add a scenic guided bike ride to the excursion. The group will depart on our rental bikes from Little Island Park with State Park rangers, who will provide insight to the landscape, flora and fauna the crew will encounter along the way to the waves.

Once there, miles of beach are open and empty – literally a surfer’s paradise. No parking lots. No parking meters. No crowds: Just catching waves and spending the day truly surrounded by nature.

We will be happy to provide board rentals and surf/SUP lessons on site (at an additional cost).

Below is a video of last year’s trip. Keep in mind that while we found an endless supply of waist-high peelers at False Cape, it was almost lake-flat at Little Island Pier.

Enjoy, and we hope to see you there!

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