It’s no secret that a paddle down our waterway is an awesome opportunity to witness the flora and fauna of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Winding about 1.5 miles from our dock to open water, the waterway never disappoints those who want to leave the Beach bustle behind for some quality time in nature.

But on April 4, our eco-tour guide Sam Leary and friend Mike Waldman hit the jackpot.

Just in that short route, Sam and Mike encountered about 15 different species of birds, reptiles and mammals that make the refuge one of our area’s great natural treasures.

“Mike and I encountered two water snakes, bald eagles on the nest and flying, mallard ducks, cormorants, nutria swimming, carp jumping out of the water, ospreys nesting and flying, two muskrat houses, kingfishers, great blue herons, plenty of buzzards, both black and turkey and turtles galore.”


What a score! This springtime weather has really kicked the ecosystem into gear early, as proven by the adventure Sam and Mike took.

While both are seasoned kayaking veterans, you don’t have to be to jump in a boat and strike out on your own adventure. Our crew briefs paddlers on the day’s conditions and what to expect on the water before they embark. We have a full fleet of kayaks, canoes and standup paddleboards on site to get you on the water!


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