Words by John Streit. Photos by Shaun Devine, Justin Rienerth, Jennifer Phan and Allen Harcourt. Video filmed by Elliot McCallister.

We bid Hurricane Gonzalo adieu with this third and final swell recap gallery. It takes a rare storm with special energy meeting ideal local wind and weather conditions to create such a photogenic swell event; and for the Outer Banks, this was certainly the case. After a historically good year of waves for our region, it’s only appropriate that our latest shot of swell had some serious staying power. Sure, we wish conditions would have come together better for our side of the border, but the moments Gonzalo spawned are unforgettable. Until next time, here’s our closing set of images to keep you amped until the Atlantic turns on yet again.

With vistas like this coming a first light, you know you're out there. Photo: Rienerth.
It doesn't have to be huge for Hatteras to pack a punch. This slabby shorebreak keeps Austin White on his toes. Photo: Rienerth.
Another unridden kegs rolls on. Photo: Rienerth.
Outer Banks legend Noah Synder has clocked more tube time along his home stretch than most. Photo: Phan.
Groundhog Day on the OBX. Photo: Rienerth.
Raven Lundy, slotted with style. Photo: Phan.
"Dude, pull over! I heard this is the spot!" Photo: Rienerth.
A late afternoon swim by Shaun Devine in Pea Island turned in some classic captures. Photo: Devine.
When he's not snapping pics between sessions, S&A team rider Justin Rienerth packs pits with the best of them. Photo: Devine.
Austin White with timeless style on a thick one. Photo: Rienerth.
Grinding across the inside into the sunset. Photo: Devine.
Golden light illuminates S&A team rider Conner Barnes at Pea Island. Photo: Devine.
Did we mention there were a few righthand barrels to be had? Photo: Devine.
At the right spot, a rare lefthander could be found. Photo: Harcourt.
You drew setups like this in your notebook when daydreaming about surf in school. This unidentified surfer lives the dream. Photo: Rienerth.
Hollow Gonzalo. Photo: Devine.
I'm not sure who this is getting the axe in this photo, but it goes to show just how narrow the margin of error is on waves of this power. Photo: Rienerth.
Conner Barnes, into the vortex. Photo: Devine.
A majestic view from the shoulder. Photo: Devine.
Six Gonzalo Waves: Brett Barley, Cody Craig (twice), Travis Kesler, Knox Harris and Andrew Meyer get barreled. Filmed by Elliot McCallister.

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