Bro!!! Julian Smith daps up bug bro Alex Smith on a little Hatteras gem. Photo: Breland.

Words by John Streit. Photos by Shaun Devine, John Wright, Jon Carter, Justin Reinerth & Colin Breland.

It’s one thing to have a random summer morning or afternoon light up with a shot of distant southeast swell. It’s another to have an entire week’s worth of waves during what is historically the worst time of year for surf.

The past seven or eight days have arguably made the difference between the summer of 2014 being averagely bad to really fun! With pulses of solid swell coming in June, followed by Hurricane Arthur earlier this month, it’s looking like this summer will go down in the books as one of the more consistent in recent memory.

Sure, this last pulse — created by a near-stationary area of low pressure to the southeast — didn’t produce any all-time moments; but there’s nothing like surfing a clean waist- to chest-high wedge in boardshorts with a few of your friends. Thanks to our crew of contributing photographers, our July Mid-Atlantic swell recap documents a July Supply of summer fun!


S&A and Jetty team rider — and Party Missile Handplanes cofounder — Shaun Devine sets up on one of the meatier days of the swell. 1 of 2. Photo: Reinerth.


Shaun Devines fans it out. 2 of 2. Photo: Reinerth.


Jeff Myers checked his reflection a few times this on Outer Banks evening. Photo: Carter.


Juan Carlos Gerena — aka Burger — thought he was back home in Puerto Rico with the water being so pretty in Kitty Hawk over the weekend. Photo: Carter.


Quentin Turko is always turning heads and going vertical in the water. Photo: Carter.


The waves were perfect for old-school styling as demonstrated by Adam Vaughn in Hatteras. Photo: Breland.


S&A’s Alex Smith drives off the bottom on a single fin in Hatteras. Photo: Breland.


Green water + seagrass = summertime. Photo: Devine.


Another view from the vortex. Photo: Devine.


Avon party wave! Photo: Devine.


To the delight of the ESA’s “Hands Across The Border” VB-OBX contestants, the swell made for a super-fun competition! Photo: Wright.


Jetty team rider Dallas Tolson cruises by Virginia Beach photographer John Wright at “The Lighthouse.”


Sandbridge’s Brody Lewis throwing some Carolina buckets. Photo: Breland.


A classic Hatteras view: power lines on land, barrel lines in the water. Shaun Devine taking it all in. Photo: Reinerth.


While most of the photos were captured south of the border, S&A team rider Julian Smith shows that Sandbridge was good for a few turns too! Photo: Breland.

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