Filmed & edited by Alex Smith.

We may entered a new year, but the same weather pattern that brought plenty of surf to our shores for the fall and winter continued to provide ample swell through the first few weeks of 2016. You can bet brothers Alex Smith and Julian Smith were keen to log the miles neccesary to score the best possible waves. For Alex, it means bolting from Richmond’s Virginia Commonwealth University to score his sessions, adding an additional layer of dedication as if cold temperatures and pumping surf weren’t enough. With his GoPro running from a grill mount, Alex came away from this January 11 session with timeless visions of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse’s famous lefthander. If you look closely, you can see the lighthouse standing tall in the background as the northeast swell bends around the first groin and into the cove. Thanks to Alex for putting this rad edit together and bringing us all closer to the East Coast’s most iconic surf break.

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