Words by John Streit. Photos by Mickey McCarthy, Jon Carter & Jennifer Phan.

As we look forward to a week of solid Nor’easter swell, we don’t have to look too far into the past to see the last time the mighty Atlantic provided local surfers with a veritable barrel fest. A trough of low pressure dove down across the region to send a solid pulse of northeast swell to the Outer Banks. Unusual for this time of year, there was nearly no wind behind the advancing front, making for sheet glass conditions across the normally windswept beaches. Behind the push of the full moon’s incoming tides, the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 3 saw surf reach the head-high-plus zone with plenty of power. The conditions overachieved what was predicted by surf forecast, which is always a pleasant surprise, especially if you commit to a day of sandbar searching. With more surf and favorable offshore winds in the current forecast, we’re pumped to see what images the next few days hold. Until then, enjoy our latest gallery of Outer Banks surf photography.



The lack of wind and warm air temperatures created fog banks along the coast. Photo: McCarthy.
S&A team rider Tyler Balak was all over this swell, driving through pits and blasting huge turns. Here's one of his many tube rides. 1 of 3. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 2 of 3. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 3 of 3. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak's frontside power game looks as strong as powerful as ever. 1 of 5. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 2 of 5. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 3 of 5. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 4 of 5. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 5 of 5. Photo: Phan.
Midway through s frontside reverse, Tyler blasts an inside section. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak. Photo: Phan.
Tyler powers through this heavy chandelier. 1 of 4. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 2 of 4. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 3 of 4. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 4 of 4. Photo: Phan.
2M catches Tyler Balak daydreaming. Photo: McCarthy.
Virginia Beach's Macon Humphrey pulls into another Pea Island beauty. 1 of 2. Photo: McCarthy.
Macon Humphrey, 2 of 2. Photo: McCarthy.
TJ Bonanno gets inverted on this backhand finisher. Photo: McCarthy.
Matt Pruett pulls up under the millionth Pea Island barrel of the day. Photo: McCarthy
TJ Bonanno's backside attack was on-point. Photo: McCarthy.
Allen Froman boosts a big, clean frontside air into the late afternoon. Photo: McCarthy.
Pea Island, N.C. Photo: McCarthy.
The standout spots in town were in classic form as well. Dan Cera waves to whoever's hooting at him from the shoulder. Photo: Carter.
Mike Rowe banks it off this northside Avalon section. Photo: Carter,
Quentin Turko eyes his entry at Avalon. Photo: Carter.
Crisp, calculatedand powerful describe Quentin Turko's frontside attack. Photo: Carter.

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