Video, photo & words by John Streit.

The good vibes keep on rolling in like the gentle summer swells of Sandbridge’s Little Island Park for Surf & Adventure Surf Camps! This week’s video covers some of the activities we do for both fun and function on the sand. You see, summer often brings stiff southwest winds; and while that is good for clean conditions in the surf, it also means the water temperatures take a dive due to natural phenomenon called upwelling. Even while staying busy and catching waves, the cold water can give campers the chills; so we have a few games for the groms to play in the sand to both warm them up and keep their muscles moving, all while creating fun and excitment. Snakes in the Sand and Sand Angel Contests are always a favorite, as well as pumping up our inflatable SUPSquatch for catching the ultimate party wave!

Enjoy this week’s video! Next week’s camp kicks off at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 6. Call us at (757) 721-6210 or click the link in the menu above to sign up today!


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