The boys cruise in on our SUPSquatch Monster Inflatable from C4 Waterman. Streit photo.

Words by John Streit. Photos by Streit and Shaun Devine.

Like most cryptic creatures, only a few souls have been in the right place at the right time to witness its presence.

It’s been spotted by surfers and beach-goers lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it cruising through Sandbridge’s breakers with an entire crew of paddlers on its back.

But this is no monster: It’s the SUPSquatch, one of the “Monster Inflatables” produced by C4 Waterman!

We’ve been having some epic fun on this gigantic, six-man inflatable standup paddleboard since it came to us last summer. However, 2013 has brought many more SUPSquatch sightings to Sandbridge Beach! The board, which doubles as the ulitmate party raft, is a mainstay and total crowd-pleaser at our Billabong Surf Camps. The crew at Surf & Adventure Co. have been doing some killer team bonding by taking out the craft to catch waves, which takes a good amount of endurance and teamwork!

We captured the fun of a recent session with S&A crewmen Rob Lindauer, Matt McKechnie, Billy McKechnie, Hunter Thomas along with a couple stoked grommet tag-alongs that produced some rad photos. If you’re interested in purchasing this amazingly fun family craft, click on the “Contact Us” link and drop us a line!


S&A SUP instructor/guide and team paddler Hunter Thomas, getting “pumped” for the SUPSquatch session. Streit photo.


The boys turned many heads on the beach as they took to the surf on this “Monster Inflatable.” Streit photo.


BAIL! S&A little bro Patty McKechnie ejects as the boys paddle out. Streit photo.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Streit photo.


Six dudes, one board, no fins: controlling the drift of the SUPSquatch is challenging, tiring but insanely fun! Streit photo.

The SUPSquatch is always the finale to our Billabong Surf Camps! Our camp director Shaun Devine captured these photos of the campers having a blast on the inflatable. Check out the video below so see the SUPSquatch in action (the sighting is toward the end of the video!).


Belly Flop! Devine photo.


It’s all smiles and shakas when the SUPSquatch is sighted! Devine photo.


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