Rob Lindauer. Photo: Thomas.

Words by John Streit. Photos by Jill Thomas.

As nearly the entire East Coast enjoyed a shot of south swell on Sunday, Dec. 15; Sandbridge was no exception. While a couple of feet smaller than the Outer Banks to the south and Delmarva and New Jersey to the north, we were treated to some clean waist- to chest-high peelers with perfect offshore winds.

These conditions meant the Surf & Adventure Co. SUP crew was on it for a marathon session at the south end of Sandbridge. The swell opened up some racy, running barrels that provided a challenge that the boys were more than up for. SUPs are great in fast-breaking waves since the volume allows for an unreal amount of drive to beat and/or make it around sections.

Big thanks are due to Jill Thomas for snapping these photos on a cold day. Enjoy!


Craig Thomas on his Walden Hushpuppy. Photo: Thomas


Hunter Thomas on a C4 Waterman 8’6 bat-tail quad. Photo: Thomas.


Rob Lindauer. Photo: Thomas.


Not a SUP, but it’s a Walden! Billy McKechnie. Photo: Thomas


Kenny trimming some speed. Photo: Thomas.


Rob Lindauer, flying on his 8’6 Walden Hushpuppy. Photo: Thomas.


Craig Thomas. Photo: Thomas.


Looking north to the Oceanfront. Photo: Thomas.


Billy McKechnie. Photo: Thomas.


Rob Lindauer. Photo: Thomas.


A family affair. Father and son in the water — Craig & Hunter Thomas — and mom shooting from the beach!


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