By John Streit. Answers by Quentin Turko. Video edit by Yeti & Big. Header photo by Jon Carter.

Arguably more than any other young surfer in the Mid-Atlantic, Quentin Turko exploded onto the scene over the past year with his calculated, razor-sharp approach groomed by having the ultra-competitive lineup of Avalon Pier as his backyard. The wave itself lends itself to high-performance surfing on all levels — a reeling A-frame on certain swells, or a cavernous gladiator pit on others. Oh yeah, and the legendary barrels of Hatteras Island are also within easy striking distance.

At 16 years old, Quentin has been surfing for half of his life, landing sponsorships from Lost, Sanuk, Arnette, Xcel, Future Fins, and Secret Spot Surf Shop. Some of his competitive highlights include first place at ESA Regionals in Junior Men, fourth in the U18 division of Surfing America Prime, third at ESA Easterns Junior Men, and third in U18 at the ASF Championships. Though he’s traveled to Hawaii, California, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua to surf, he says there’s still no place like home! We recently caught up with Quentin to chat about his rapid progression in both competitive and free surfing. You better believe you’ll be hearing from this super grom for many years to come!

S&A: Let me start off my saying I’m fully jealous that I didn’t get to grow up surfing the famous beachbreaks of the Outer Banks! What’s your favorite aspect of calling the OBX home?
QT: In addition to the great waves, the local people and the tight knit surfing community makes me love to call the Outer Banks home. The OBX also gives me access to other awesome water sports like free diving and spearfishing on all of the shipwrecks and cool spots in the area.
S&A: You have cemented your spot as a fixture in the lineup at Avalon Pier, one of our coast’s most competitive lineups and a high performance hotbed. How has surfing in this environment shaped your surfing?
QT: It has had a major impact on my surfing. There are always so many good surfers out there ripping. It really makes me push my surfing every time I’m out there.
S&A: Which local surfer has had the biggest influence on you and why?
QT: There are so many good local surfers: Noah Snyder, Jesse Hines, Pat McManus, and Brett Barely. They all have a big influence on me with their surfing. It makes me want to strive to be as good as they are. Pat’s a great friend and has also always been there for me whenever I needed him.
S&A: Which international pro do you look to for inspiration?
QT: I really like Dusty Payne. He straight up kills it! I’m really stoked he’s gonna be on the WSL this year too.
S&A: The quality of your Yeti & Big video is top-notch!! What was it like working with those guys? You’ve got to be stoked on how it all turned out!
QT: Yes, I’m very stoked on how it turned out! I can’t thank Clint Davis enough for filming for me. He really knows how to make a good surf video. It’s great to work with guys like that who know what they are doing and really want to make a killer video!
S&A: I’ve seen you been blasting some massive airs as of late. Which aerial move that you’re not quite making now that you aspire to stick clean in 2015?
QT: I’ve been working on full rotations really hoping I can stick a few of those those this year!
S&A: You’ve traveled around quite a bit to surf, but does anything compare to scoring pumping Hatteras when its double-overhead and top-to-bottom?
QT: No! There are some spots that rival it, but I would always choose pumping Hatteras over anywhere.
S&A: Anything else you’d like to add?
QT: I would like to thank all my sponsors, friends, family, you and the Surf & Adventure crew for all of the support I’ve been getting. It means a lot as I keep progressing in my surfing career.

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