Face-to-face with a small Puppy Drum, which is also known as the Channel Bass or Red Drum. Photo: McKechnie

Words and photos by Matt McKechnie. 

Fishing is a time-honored tradition in the Tidewater region of Virginia, not mention a great way to have some fun outdoors during the warm month’s lengthy flat spells. The crew at Surf & Adventure Co. is all about getting outdoors and enjoying everything our area has to offer, including angling the waters of Back Bay, the Atlantic and the Chesapeake. Welcome to “Tight Lines & Good Times,” our local fishing report. The first edition is brought to you by S&A crewman Matt McKechnie! – John Streit.

Welcome aboard! There’s not much too much action happening off the beaches this week, but Spanish Mackerel are beginning to show in greater numbers, along with schooling Bluefish near shore. If you’re fishing off Little Island Pier looking for Cobia, you’ll have better luck to the north as they’re starting to appear near the Chesapeake Bay, but a few stragglers are being caught along the beaches.

A few other spots to check out are Rudee Inlet and Lynnhaven Inlet where Croaker, Spot and Speckled Trout are still biting lines like mad, and Puppy Drum (also known as the Channel Bass or Red Drum) are increasing in size and quantity! 

Good luck out there, and be sure to stop by Surf & Adventure Co. for any other tips or advice you may need. Keep in mind, we have great freshwater fishing spots right behind our shop with kayak and canoe rentals! Check out the following photos for some of the freshwater action we’ve been having around the Back Bay Watershed.


Northern Pike.


Largemouth Bass.


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