Photos by Billy Ficke. Words by John Streit.

From miles of sandy beaches, marshes of Back Bay, open fields of Pungo and the illuminated skyline of the Oceanfront, the City of Virginia Beach has a myriad of faces and moods. It’s here that photographer Billy Ficke calls home; and while the young lensman has made a name for himself along the East Coast for documenting surfing and skateboarding, his landscape shots inspire an equal amount of awe. Billy’s distinct style brings vibrant colors to the forefront with ample contrast between the deep blue tones of twilight or predawn skies with the golden and orange tones of sunlight. Of course, all of his imagery is frame with remarkable clarity and composition, making him one of the most talented photographers around. Enjoy these recent glimpses of some incredibly beautiful moments captured by Billy he appropriately named “Va. Scapes.”

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