By John Streit. Photos by Jon Carter, Eric Murrill, Colin Breland, Allen Harcourt, Vinnie Abijaoudi & Streit.

It took a couple of weeks, but the mighty wintertime Atlantic finally flexed its muscle for the first time in 2015! While there have been pop-up rideable days, last week’s Nor’easter ushered in the first solid swell of the New Year. As the storm pulled off the coast, conditions slowly improved from ragged, chunky bombs on Wednesday, Jan. 14 to groomed, offshore perfection for Jan. 16. We even saw another brief shot of south swell fill in for Sunday, Jan. 17 right on the heels of the major event.

Just when you thought the over-active swell-producing weather patterns of 2014 were repeating themselves, it looks like the Atlantic will once again go flat for the forecastable future. These swell recap galleries are here — just in tome — to keep you fired up for the next time swell arrives to our shores. It’s awesome to see guys like Jon Carter and Colin Breland endure frigid temps alonside fellow surfers to capture some amazing images from the water! There’s nothing like the perspective of being out there, and there is plenty of that as we pay homage to these Weekday Warriors of Mid Atlantic Surfing.


Friday, Jan. 16 was the best day of surf we've seen in weeks. Taking advantage, Tommy Hill slides into a nice one! Photo: Carter.
Sterling King has one of the most powerful and stylish forehand attacks around. Photo: Carter.
Nigel Haynes speads his wings over this inside section. Photo: Carter.
Ryan Rhodes whips it real good! Photo: Carter.
Quentin Turko at that most anticipated moment. Photo: Breland.
Sterling King with the frontside rail work from the shoulder. Photo: Breland.
An unidentified OBX local coming in hot! Photo: Breland.
As clean as can be. Quentin Turko prepares to snap off this Kill Devil Hills lefty. Photo: Murrill.
The generous canvases of Avalon Pier get painted by Quentin Turko often. Photo: Murrill.
Casey Crusiano sets his line on this backlit morning gem. Photo: Murrill.
Puming on Hatteras Island. Seeing this sight from over the dunes will get your stoke up in a hurry! Photo: Breland.
Colin Breland's first swin with his SPL Waterhousing turned in some great results. Where we all want to be. Photo: Breland.
Virginia Beach's Ethan Smith pulling into a morning tube on the Island. Photo: Breland.
S&A team rider Julian Smith sets a high line to run with this drainer. Photo: Breland.
Flashback to Wednesday, Jan. 14 in Sandbridge. The ENE swell was generated by the Nor'easter that gave us foul weather last week. Photo: Allen Harcourt.
Even though it was windy and frigid, the newborn swell turned in some classic moments at Little Island Pier. Photo: Harcourt.
A couple of hardy surfers tackles the drifty and cold conditions at Croatan Jetty Wednesday afternoon. Photo: Streit.
Conditions improved considerably for Thursday, Jan. 15. Photo: Streit.
One of Thursday afternoon's finer moments at Twilight beach access in Croatan. Photo: Streit.
Virginia Beach's Mike Heath found this Twilight righthander to his backhand liking. Photo: Streit.
S&A contributor Billy Ficke with a laid-back style. Photo: Abijaoudi.
Thursday saw more onshore texture on Hatteras Island than in Virginia Beach. Still, kegs were rolling in left and right. Photo: Harcourt.
A dark righthander goes against the grain at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Photo: Harcourt.
A bomb set wave shows it's teeth. Photo: Harcourt.
Dark and heavy. Photo: Harcourt.

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