Photos & words by Allen Harcourt.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to summer, kicking it off with some of my best friends. For the first couple of days, we focused on La Jolla, Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs in San Diego; but eventually Kelly Sobol and I went hunting for shorebreak up in Laguna Beach. Ocean Beach was pretty fun — we caught it probably chest high everyday. Sunset Cliffs made for a really sick paddle, but unfortunately we kind of got shafted with waves for the most part. Laguna was just unreal though — Aliso Creek blew my mind with five to six foot shorebreak. I think I can speak for Kelly when I say that he head one helluva time. I get more and more stoked for the kid as I’ve seen how far he’s come with skimboarding!

Kelly Sobol made the most of his trip to California. Photo: Harcourt.
Noah Webb blasts a massive backside air. Photo: Harcourt.
Naturally, Allen's lens was drawn to one of the world's most-photographed waves: Lower Trestles. And for good reason. Photo: Harcourt.
Unidentified ripper lofts the tail. Photo: Harcourt.
Unidentified hits the brakes near the famed cobblestones. Photo: Harcourt.
Kelly Sobol rips the lid off. Photo: Harcourt.
Kelly Sobol. Photo: Harcourt.
Kelly enjoys a little Beater session every now and then. Photo: Harcourt
Kelly tags a meaty shorebreak peak. Photo: Harcourt.
Perry Wells blasts a big backside over exposed sand = going hard in the paint! Photo: Harcourt.

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