Photos by Katie Slater, Shaun Devine, Billy Ficke, Ricky Miller, Angela Kirkland & Patrick Duggan. Words by Streit.

The second part of our swell recap tips a cap to how fortunate we are to call our stretch of coast home. Sure, Virginia surfers will always be wave-deprived compared to their Outer Banks brethren. As a result, the search for a day of fun surf along the Outer Banks has become a fundamental aspect of Virginia Beach surf culture. Though, its a journey that should always be treated with respect for local surfers and the local environment alike. If the virtue of respect is placed as the highest priority, there’s no doubt that good vibes will spread infectiously across most any lineup. After all, we’re all seeking the same connection to nature — and to have an awesome time in the ocean. From city hustle to island time, we’re blessed indeed to call these shores home.

The final incoming tide pulse from the swell lit up the northern Outer Banks with dreamy conditions for Tuesday, August 11. Photo: Ficke.
S&A team rider Shaun Devine races down an inside barrel section. Photo: Slater.
Virginia Beach's Brian Bassett documented the action with his GoPro grill mount and came up with some amazing images. Stay tuned for those views! Photo: Slater.
Brian Bassett on another dream ride. Photo: Slater.
Eric Coulson with a frontside grind in Sandbridge on Monday, August 10. Photo: Streit.
Julian Smith flares a backside hit off the lip. Photo: Streit.
Alex Smith floats it on his Catch Surf Oydsea Log. Photo: Streit.
Wes Johnson finishing strong with a vertical lipper. Photo: Streit.
Julian Smith's frontside hook. Photo: Streit.
More magic from Tuesday in the Outer Banks. Photo: Devine.
Virginia Beach's Justin Acosta lines up with Patrick Duggan for a classic OBX barrel vision.
Shaun Devine draws a high line into a Kill Devil Hills runner. Photo: Slater.
Catch Surf's Ricky Miller staying steep and deep on his 7'0 Catch Surf Oydsea Log.
Moody skies, clean seas and plenty of swell. Photo: Ficke.
Quentin Turko with a big, crisp frontside bash at home in town. Photo: Slater.
Virginia Beach's Todd Pace chased the swell south and scored Tuesday's gems. Photo: Slater.
Virginia Beach's Zach Beaudoin finds a moment of perfection. Photo: Slater.
Flashback to Sunday in Sandbridge, Addison Kirkland goes all-in on a meaty inside section. Photo: Kirkland.
Addison Kirkland off the bottom. Photo: Kirkland.
This photo of Keaton Kirkland is what it's all about -- pure stoke! Photo: Kirkland.
Coeltryn Kirkland's performance has come into fine form with powerful carves like this. Photo: Kirkland.
Addison Kirkland stalls for the tube. Photo: Kirkland.
Brian Bassett races to the doggy door. 1 of 2. Photo: Slater.
Brian Bassett, 2 of 2. Photo: Slater.
Todd Pace signs off with a backhand bash. Photo: Slater.

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