Photos by Briar Nelson. Words by John Streit.

Of all the Back Bay paddling tours we offer at Surf & Adventure Co., my personal favorite are Blue Pete’s Dinner Tours. It’s not that our neck of the woods isn’t naturally beautiful and engaging in its own right, but the scenery of Muddy Creek on the way to Blue Petes — one of our area’s hidden gems and an incredible eatery — is surprisingly different from the vistas close to our shop. Towering cypress trees and ancient duck blinds line the banks of the winding tributary on its way to the restaurant. Golden afternoon sunlight illuminates the scenery and the waters are always popping with fish hitting the surface. The simple fact that you can paddle to your dinner table is part of what makes Back Bay so special. We are blessed, indeed, to have this in our backyard. Enjoy these images from Surf & Adventure fam Briar Nelson and Sara White from their recent paddling adventure!

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