Photos by Daniel Brittain. Words by John Streit.

The rise of Daniel Brittain’s photography career has been a bright spot in the world of Surf & Adventure Co. over the past few years. I still remember the day I met Danny — he was a 16-year-old grom hungry learn everything he could about the sport of surfing. Not long thereafter, he developed a passion for documenting his surroundings. Unhappy with his path in pursuing a career in physical therapy, Danny knew that following his heart and quickly expanding talent for photography was the call. He geared up and went all-in, honing his craft one photo at a time. We’re proud that his first published photos graced the pixels of this website! It wasn’t long before his photography was used by Jetty in an ad that ran on the back cover of Local Sessions, among many other shares in the surf and outdoor adventure realms. Danny is currently attending the Brooks Institute in Ventura, Calif. earning his bachelor’s degree in professional photography. His west-bound journeys to school have become a major staple of his photographic subjects, resulting in his successful relationship with The Outbound Collective, which recently reported that his recent “Biking into False Cape” feature eclipsed the 85,000 views mark! While we’ve become accustomed to the razor-sharp, well-composed and vibrant photography that’s become Danny’s signature, it’s clear the adventure-loving world is beginning to take notice in a big way. Congrats on the job well done! Here are some of the B-sides from the featured False Cape trip.

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