Words by John Streit. Photos by Jennifer Phan, Kenny Mills, Eric Murrill & Allen Harcourt.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Surf & Adventure Co. family to yours! It’s awesome that while we’ve been taking a look back at the year that was in our last couple of features that some swell arrived to our shores for the holidays. While this latest pulse of energy didn’t nearly have the teeth the past two swells possessed, warm air temperatures made for a welcome break from the frigid northerly winds during last week’s action. The swell arrived on Tuesday, Dec. 23 ahead of the warm front that saw air temperatures reach the 70s on Christmas Eve. That southerly flow also built the swell through the night until peaking in the early hours of Christmas. For those who ventured to Hatteras Island, rideable waist- to chest-high waves with offshore winds made for a great holiday gift. While the swell didn’t have the size to really turn on in Virginia, some skimboarding and bodysurfing was possible in some awesome shorebreak. Again, Happy Holidays and we wish you a safe and prosperous New Year!

Those the skies looked cold and grey, the air and water were warmer than average for the Outer Banks on Christmas Day. Offshore winds and a waist- to chest-high swell made for some fun conditions. Photo: Phan.
S&A team rider Tyler Balak tears the lid off it on Hatteras Island. Photo: Phan.
Though this swell was smaller than the recent pulses we've seen recently, it was still enough for an airshow from Tyler Balak. Photo: Phan.
A little tunnel vision is better than no tunnel vision. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak's frontside hack, 1 of 3. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 2 of 3. Photo: Phan.
Tyler Balak, 3 of 3. Photo: Phan.
One of the bigger sets of Christmas morning. Photo: Phan.
The inside ramps were more than enough for a skatey performance from Tyler. Photo: Phan.
Tyler lays it out. Photo: Phan.
Flashback to the first day of the Christmas swell, which began on Dec. 23. S&A's Kenny Mills charges some shorebreak for some awesome images from inside the barrel. Photo: Mills.
A cold, frothy one. Photo: Mills.
Amazing colors and textures inside of this Sandbridge tube. Photo: Mills.
The end of the tunnel. Photo: Mills.
Eric Murrill ventured down to Avalon Pier to capture the Christmas morning scene. Photo: Murrill.
Dec. 23 in the Outer Banks provided some ideal ramp sections for yung aerialist Quentin Turko. 1 of 2. Photo: Murrill.
Quentin Turko, 2 of 2. Photo: Murrill.
Joe Glazebrook snaps it under the lip. Photo: Murrill.
Ken Savage draws his line on a glassy lefthander. Photo: Murrill.
An unidentified ripper cuts it back. Photo: Murrill.
Another blast-off by QT. Photo: Murrill.
Christmas Day in Sandbridge saw fun shorebreak conditions for bodysurfing or skimboarding. Photo: Harcourt.
Crisp, clear air fills in behind the exiting cold front, leaving the Oceanfront skyline on display for Sandbridge. Photo: Harcourt.
Kelly Sobol bashes the shorebreak. Photo: Harcourt.
Sandbridge, Va. Photo: Harcourt.
Kelly Sobol hooks it into a shorey gem. Photo: Harcourt.

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