Words and video by John Streit

By and large, surfers aren’t exactly known to be fierce workaholics.

The Ding Shack owner Austin Walker smashes that stereotype. His 14-plus hour work days have become part of Virginia Beach/Outer Banks surfing lore since he opened The Ding Shack in 2007 as a side hustle to his full-time duties at Wave Riding Vehicles’ surfboard factory in Currituck.

Austin’s days begin with the 90-minute drive from his home in Norfolk to southern Currituck where a full day’s work awaits. After another trek home, he sets up shop in his detached garage and goes to town fixing nearly every ding in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks.

Now that’s legendary effort! We are proud to be partnered with Austin, who arguably provides the most timely and professional ding repair service in the surfing world. He even took time out of his holiday weekend to fix dings for free at our Black Friday sale.

Enjoy this glimpse into his world.

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