Words by John Streit. Video by S&A Crew.

Although most of us sit in front of the tube at some point each day, watching television is widely considered to be an unproductive activity.

But there are exceptions to every norm. Case in point: one evening last year, our owner Rob Lindauer was relaxing in front of the TV when a commercial caught his eye. It was a spot for Eggleston Services, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to placing people with disabilities into the work force.

From there, the wheels have kept turning. Rob decided to integrate Eggleston clients into the staff at our laundry facility, and several have made their mark as valuable members of our team. The processing of the guest rental linens that we provide for Sandbridge vacation homes and condominiums is a massive undertaking, and our Eggleston clients take on the task with enthusiasm.

So far, the relationship between Ocean Rentals/Surf & Adventure and Eggleston has been extremely rewarding – literally. Eggleston recently recognized Ocean Rentals as an “Eggleston Champion”, meaning that our company embodies the spirit and mission of Eggleston Service.

That inspired us to piece together this short edit highlighting our relationship with Eggleston. We are looking forward to that relationship continuing to develop and expand. Soon, we will have photographic prints (inspired by Shaun Devine’s photography) on t-shirts that will be produced by Eggleston at their Norfolk shop.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Enjoy.

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