Words by John Streit. Photos by Colin Breland.

Sometimes less is more. That was the case for our latest adventure to the storied sandbars of the Outer Banks on Tuesday, May 20.

Despite light westerly winds forecast for the entire stretch from Corolla to Hatteras Inlet, we woke up to a stiff northwest that gave the surf that dreaded sideshore texture; not to mention a morning low tide causing more than a fair amount of closeouts. Faced with a tough decision while scanning the conditions in Rodanthe, we decided less wind would provide more fun for us on this day. Just like that, we turned around and searched for the spot with the lightest breeze. We knew the move would sacrifice much of the swell size we came to chase, but the allure of cleaner, peeling, inside lines had us on a northward path.

As fate would have it, we found our sheltered peak, complete with clean peeling righthanders in the waist- to stomach-high range. To our delight, this popular spot happened to be empty.

The conditions called for something with some extra volume — the perfect chance to really feel out the 6’0 Walden Enigma set up as a single fin. Sure enough, this innovative hybrid went above and beyond my expectations. It’s looking like it’s going to be a fun summer on the Enigma for sure! Thanks to Colin Breland for shooting the session!


Short and wide with a step-deck and a winged round tail, the Enigma is an egg/fish hybrid that offers pivotal turning, speed and plenty of paddling/wave-catching ability in smaller surf. Photo: Breland.


John Streit with speed to burn. Photo: Breland.


One. Photo: Breland.


Two. Photo: Breland.


Okeyan’s Allen Harcourt chose the right weapon to get some tunnel vision. Photo: Breland.


Rolling in. Photo: Breland.


John Streit. Photo: Breland.


Trim and glide. Photo: Breland.


Allen Harcourt. Photo: Breland.


Yewww! Photo: Breland.

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