Photos by Colin Breland. Words by John Streit.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared out at the glass-flat Atlantic during the hazy heat of summertime and imagined days like Saturday, May 17 peeling off in my mind’s eye.

Those dog days of summer are just around the corner, unfortunately; but that’s no reason to fret. Right now — if you’re reading this on post day — all the right winds are pointed toward our coast to make for more fun surf for the front end of the week across the Mid-Atlantic region. It may not produce as dreamy of conditions as displayed in this post, but fun, rideable surf is always at a premium on the East Coast, and especially for Virginia Beach and Sandbridge.

Thanks to contributing photographer Colin Breland for snapping these timeless Sandbridge shots! Also, give our newest team rider  — 15-year-old Julian Smith — a warm welcome. Julian has been coming on strong in recent months, so keep your eyes peeled for much more from this up-and-coming ripper!


Small dude, big spray! S&A’s Julian Smith respects the rail. Photo: Breland.


It’s always intriguing that moments of perfection can exist in such an imperfect surf spot. For those of us who surf Sandbridge, we know how special it is when it all comes together. Photo: Breland


S&A’s Alex Smith on the 6’0 SUPERbrand Unit with a backhand tube stall. Photo: Breland.


Backlit beauty. Photo: Breland.


Alex Smith. Stoking! Photo: Breland


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