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Words by John Streit. Photos by Valeria Palmertree/Visit Virginia Beach

For years, Surf & Adventure Co. has been the media’s source for adventure stories relating to paddling or surfing around Sandbridge and Back Bay. Every year, the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau sends dozens of travel writers and photographers our way to show them our various adventures.

Usually, we host American or Canadian media members, which makes sense being that those two countries provide us with the most visitors each year. But last Sunday, our reach extended well across the Atlantic Ocean as tour guides/brothers Karis and Kuni Reventas hosted a group of German jounalists! It’s always fulfilling to know that our activities easy cross over borders — our majestic natural surroundings can be appreciated by all!

Enjoy these photos from this very unique tour, specially launched from the press’ lunch spot at Blue Pete’s Restaurant!

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