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Exactly what you want to see when you pull up after a long drive. Alex Smith gets an eyeful in Hatteras. Photo: Breland.

Words by John Streit. Photos by Colin Breland & Micele Family.

It’s days like this that I’m very thankful to live in a time when technology allows us to get just about all of the world’s information in the palm of your hand. The latest reminder came to me this morning in the form of several picture texts from local photographer Colin Breland from this morning’s action in Hatteras. And we’re not just talking Instagrams or cell-phone shots: We’re talking high-quality DSLR images he was able to send over just minutes after taking them.

The Internet and wireless technology were made for surfing. By nature, surfers love to document their travels and all the score-stories and snore-stories that go along with it. Think back 20 years ago before the advent of digital photography. This blog post would not have been possible unless a serious amount of work — the “real” Photoshop — took place, followed by scanning and uploading the photos. Pair that up with the long drive from Hatteras to Virginia Beach, and it’s safe to say you wouldn’t be seeing the images until at least the next day. Even then, there was no Facebook. No Instagram. No Twitter. You’d have to actively seek out and truly “follow” the photography you enjoy. Now, it’s all directed straight to your phone. It’s pretty impressive.

Now that I’ve successfully over-thought how cool all of this is, enjoy these photos from the past 24 hours from both Virginia and North Carolina. We’ve been treated to a nice run of southeast swell alongside the shifty weather we’ve had lately, but you can bet the boys would be glad to trade in sunny skies for waves like this any day!

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The sun hadn’t been out for long, but VB’s Julian Smith still managed to find some shade. Photo: Breland.


Sure he might be @justajettyrat on Instagram, but S&A team rider Evan Micele is proving day-in and day-out that he’s much more. Evan’s been super busy on the competitive circuit and enjoying a ton of success! Keep your eyes on him: big things are on the horizon for the 15-year-old, who’s also one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet!

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Unknown, but in the zone. Photo: Breland.


Evan with a crisp frontside hook at First Street Jetty.

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You’re out there. Photo: Breland.


Evan’s early-grab off-the-top on the SUPERbrand “Unit.”


Evan’s got that rare mix of style and ability.

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Julian Smith feeling the glide. Photo: Breland.


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