Words by John Streit. Photos by Daniel Brittain.

There are few other journeys steeped in as muck folklore and tradition as the cross-country road trip. The first continent crossings are the stuff of legends. From the Native Americans to the European settlers, the journey was and continues to be a major life accomplishment — with the utmost respect to those who’ve the crossing on bike an or foot like Richmond’s Courtnay Midkiff. That’s just next level!

There’s most definitely no shame in S&A alum Daniel Brittain and girlfriend Gabby Morfeld’s game as they made the trip to move Mr. Brittain to photography school in Ventura, Calif. The pair ventured to some of the most breath-taking places in the world right here our home nation. From the greenery of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia to the canyons of Arizona, the landscapes seem to come alive in the images as Danny’s talent for photography continues to expand. Good luck on the West Coast! We know you’ll kill it!

The cross-country crew: Gabby Morfield & Danny Brittain.
Brush Creek Falls, W.Va. Photo: Brittain.
Roadside, W.Va. Photo: Brittain.
Nothing like being in the mountains in the summertime: Green as far as the eye can see. Photo: Brittain.
One of our country's most iconic landmarks: The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Mo. Photo: Brittain.
Endless plains, Kansas. Photo: Brittian.
A long drive across The Great Plains landed Danny and Gabby in Golden, Colo. Photo: Brittain
Camp vibes: Golden Gate National Park, Colo. Photo: Brittain.
Starry night at the campsite. Photo: Brittain.
Gateway to the Galaxy. Colorado. Photo: Brittain.
Morning glory: Colorado. Photo: Brittain.
Arches National Park, Utah. Photo: Brittain.
Here's a good perspective on the massive size of Delicate Arch, the most famous in the park. Photo: Brittain.
The raw power of nature on display at Horseshoe Bend, Ariz. Photo: Brittain.
Some of the most dramatic landscapes in the country can be found in Arizona. Photo: Brittain.
The trip's last sunset in Arizona. Photo: Brittain.

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