Gore Bay, NZ. We left Kaikoura midday after the wind picked up onshore. Ended up driving south about an hour and came across a super-fun beach break. We all kind of freaked out and paddled straight out. I shot this photo just after the session. Photo: Shaun Devine

Follow Surf & Adventure Co. crewman Shaun Devine on his surfing adventure through New Zealand. Words and photos by Shaun Devine.

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

“It’s going to be head high and offshore!”

Five a.m. No one’s talking. This is taking forever. Hurry up already. Change this stupid song. That flag isn’t blowing offshore. McDonald’s? Really? Just park the car.

First glimpse, first sight… Bummed. 

Expectations can crush a surf session. We’re all guilty of it. I’ve witnessed it many of times with my own eyes — friends, colleagues, people I don’t even know in distraught hysteria that the waves are only chest high, slightly textured and not overhead and offshore as Surfline and Swellinfo were predicting.

Glass half-empty.

Now flip the script. You’re heading down to the beach with knowledge of a swell but with little or no expectations of the conditions.

No work today. Coffee is great. Kanye on blast. Butter rum muffin. Should give the boys a call. Couple of cars already parked.

First glimpse, first sight… Chest high, peeling surf.

Glass half-full.

When theres no access to surf forecasts and all the potentials, you’re forced to live in the present; which is something that I’ve found can be quite refreshing. Everyday, every session, every bump in the ocean carries a certain curiosity that keeps up coming back for more.

The following collection of images are from a two week surf camping road trip where there was little to no access to expectations. 


Castlepoint, North Island. Epic campsite tucked just inside the woods off the beach. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Fisherman, Alaska native and New Zealand transplant, Rick Jarvill enjoying the summer holiday. Photo: Shaun Devine.



Basil Harrison checking his options. He’s been hot on the handplanes lately and got some great barrels bodysurfing this day. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Kaikoura sunset: This was a magical moment. The sun was setting and partially went behind the mountain range and created this straight line of light. It lasted about 10 minutes and I was lucky enough to have the camera handy to capture some special light. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Sean Bollinger: North Island head dip. Photo: Shaun Devine


Kaikoura, South Island. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Rick Jarvill: Slick Rick gliding through a nice shore break barrel. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Basil is born and bred Kiwi and truly has the place dialed. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Shaun hiding out on a pretty little runner. Photo: Sean Bollinger.


Basil and Sean cracking a few picturesque cold beers. Photo: Shaun Devine.


The Corner: There’s so many different set ups and options in a tight little space. Unknown local boosting a lofty air just out back of our house. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Here is another angle of the sunset at Kaikoura. This was looking out into the ocean. Photo: Shaun Devine.


Shaun driving into another NZ tube. Photo: Sean Bollinger.


Sometimes things get weird. Photo: Rick Jarvill.


The smile on Shaun’s face says it all. Photo: Sean Bollinger.


There’s been some fun shore pound recently and theres a tight crew in Dunedin that’s always on it! Photos: Ted Whitaker.


Shaun at his Kaikoura campsite: “Best place!” Photo: Sean Bollinger.


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