Photos by Brian Kelley & John Streit. Words by Streit.

The allure of discovering an isolated peak along the shores of Hatteras Island to share with just a few friends has been a personal obsession of mine since I discovered surfing. There are many ways to seek one out — purchasing a permit to drive the beach if equipped with four-wheel drive, long walks over the dunes and word of mouth, to name a few — but as the ocean tends to do, she stacks the odds every against you. Uncaring, unwaivering and unemotional. Of course, there are all the known, well-trodden spots along the strand, but those can get crowded in a hurry on the better days, especially if it lines up with a weekend. These factors make finding that hidden gem all the more exhilarating. To look around and not see another surfer for miles around as A-frame after A-frame peel off is what East Coast dreams are made of. That’s just what we found on this drab December day.

A desolate A-frame peels across an isolated Hatteras sandbar. Photo: Streit.
Shaun Devine. Photo: Streit.
Chris O'Gorman. Photo: Kelley.
Crowd. Photo: Kelley.
Shaun Devine. Photo: Kelley.
John Streit, 1 of 2. Photo: Kelley.
John Streit, 2 of 2. Photo: Kelley.
The moment before impact. Photo: Kelley.
Shaun Devine. Photo: Kelley.
John Streit. Photo: Kelley.
John Streit. Photo: Kelley.

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