Shaun Devine. Photo: Compo/

Words by Shaun Devine. Photos by Devine, Eddie Compo and Steven Schmucker.

Click. Refresh. Text. Call. Refresh. Text. Text. Refresh, Call. Refresh, Refresh.

This about sums up the late afternoon for me on Thursday. Keeping an eye on the forecast throughout the week, there were a few things that were for certain: There was plenty of swell in the water from post-tropical Karen and it was just a matter of time before it moved off the coast, the wind would wrap offshore and the waves would pump, hopefully.

Sure thing, early Thursday evening the cams down south in Buxton were pumping and that lovely offshore wind was gently moving northward up the coast. With most of my buddies having prior commitments — work, wife, girlfriend, dog, cat, can’t miss Thursday night at the Boxx — none of the aforementioned applied, so I was off on a solo mission hoping for the best.

After checking a few go-to spots in Rodanthe early Friday morning, the “Am I in the right spot? It’s gotta be better somewhere else. I need to surf NOW” anxiety started creeping in. There was plenty of surf, yes, but the tide was low and it was mostly closeouts. I had talked to my friend Chris in Avon at first light and he said it looked great down there and no one out. To the north, Forrest was saying that Jennette’s Pier looked super fun and he was paddling out. Another quick call to Eddie and Lucas, who were on their way down, and with a simple “It sounds like it just needs more water,” my mind was eased and back to searching.

Walking down the street and over the man-made dune… Yes! There is it.

Classic Outer Banks conditions with overhead sets, offshore wind and makeable barrels everywhere. The surf pulsed the entire day, never losing its size or shape. That night I put a call into work asking if it was alright to take Saturday off too since the surf was holding and looking favorable again. With the nod from the bossman (Thanks Rob!) it was on, again.

Saturday didn’t disappoint and with head high sets still consistently coming in. It was a couple of much-needed days — for the ages.


Shaun Devine. Photo: Compo/


Photo: Devine.


Photo: Devine.


Photo: Devine.


Daniel Parrish. Photo: Schmucker.


Austin Kelley. Photo: Schmucker.


Photo: Devine.


Photo: Devine.


Photo: Devine.


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