Video by John Streit and Shaun Devine. Photos by Shaun Devine and Robbie Hickman. Words by John Streit.

A general theme for Surf & Adventure Co. this summer has been expanding our horizons. With the additions of our tours to False Cape State Park, we’ve had success at doing just that.

But even our most exciting and innovate tour offering needed a fresh element – something new to take it to the next level.

So on August 4, we opened up our signature False Cape Surf-SUP-Yoga-Massage Retreat — previously a female-only event — to the guys as well! Additionally, we extended the tour by two hours and provided an awesome box lunch from our friends at Back Bay Gourmet.

New, improved and reinvigorated; the retreat ended up producing the same result as its previous runnings: fun, small, rolling waves, clean conditions and another idyllic beach day as the crew of 24 soaked in everything the retreat has to offer.

Be sure to check out the video above and photos below for visual documentation of the day. Visit Robbie Hickman Photography’s Facebook page for some more awesome images










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