Photos by Cody Hammer. Words by John Streit.

Pursuit of surf is truly one of those gifts that keep on giving. With no shortage of swell to close out 2015, Virginia Beach bodyboarder/photographer Cody Hammer found plenty of presents┬áduring his holiday break from Coastal Carolina University. From radiant sunrises to golden-hued barrels, Cody’s as comfortable behind the lens as he is under the lip on his bodyboard. As we enter 2016, we’re grateful for the contributions of our network of local photo contributors like Cody sharing their vision of surfing and adventuring in our slice of paradise!

While you were sleeping... Unless you were surfing with Cody Hammer that is!
Morning golden hour barrel. Photo: Hammer.
We've been conditioned to view turquoise, tropical waters as beautiful. While I agree wholeheartedly with that, I'll always have a soft spot for the sediment tones of our region, especially when it gets that early-morning assist from the sun. Photo: Hammer.
Orange sunrise with juice in the ocean. Photo: Hammer.
This is exactly what you want to see in the wintertime: an inside peeler that offers plenty of punch without the abuse of a long, cold paddleout. Photo: Hammer.
This plume covers the whole spectrum. Photo: Hammer.
Shorebreak gets boogie boys like Cody stoked! Photo: Hammer.
Peaky lines, dreary skies. Photo: Hammer.
Where we all want to be. Photo: Hammer.

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