Photos by Austin White & Conner White. Words by John Streit.

Our Xcel Wetsuits rep Austin White and brother Conner White know how to celebrate the season in style: barreled on the Outer Banks! The boys and VB buds Steven Owens, Tyler Bohn and John Kersey were very fortunate to get in some hollow holiday sessions amid the season’s many family, work and friend gatherings. Some of the photos in this gallery were even capture on Christmas Day! With good friends sharing warm barrels under bluebird skies, you can bet those rides were their favorite gifts of the season!

Lip service from Austin White. Photo: Connor White.
Austin White. Photo: Connor White.
Going left. Photo: Connor White.
Steven Owens is no stranger to OBX tube time. Photo: Conner White.
VB's Tyler Bohn enjoys a Christmas gift in Rodanthe. Photo: Austin White.
Tyler Bohn on a backlit backhander. Photo: Austin White.
Connor White was feeling his inner Santa on Christmas. Photo: Austin White.
Austin White on a holiday tube cruise. Photo: Connor White.
John Kersey finds shade on a bluebird Christmas Day. Photo: Austin White.
Merry Christmas! Photo: Austin White.

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